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Bombay Sunset

Star Scorpio Zodiac Necklace

Star Scorpio Zodiac Necklace

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  • 18K gold-plated
  • With an authentic aquamarine stone
  • 7 zirconia stones (round cut)
  • Adjustable length
  • Sustainable - We have planted more than 400 trees

Unleash your intensity and tap into the mysteries of the universe with our Scorpio Zodiac Constellation Necklace. This striking piece captures the enigmatic and powerful nature of the eighth sign of the zodiac.

Let the deep symbolism of Scorpio guide you on your journey towards transformation and self-discovery. Elevate your style and showcase your astrological sign with this elegant and captivating necklace!

18K gold-plated, White bronze | 4 gr | Chain Length 23.5 cm

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